Welcome to CompanDX

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CompanDX unlocks the secrets of personalised medicine. 

We exploit our in-house data analysis algorithms to identify patterns in healthcare datasets and apply our technology to clinical trial and medical sample data to find new disease markers.


Long term: In the long term we seek to apply our technology in all clinical trials where patient stratification matters. We seek to help drug developers create more approved drugs.

Medium term: In the medium term we are proving our methodology through analysis of failed clinical trial data, putting assets back on the Balance Sheet. Not surprisingly we call this service “Hindsight”.

Short term: In the short term we are developing six diagnostic products based on the analysis of public data sets, supplemented by local data, to address key healthcare issues in China.

We can offer either a Partnership relationship, taking on all or a proportion of analysis and re-development costs in return for downstream revenue share, or we can offer a Fee-for-service model. We are happy to discuss Buy-back Options. 

Our website is currently under construction and will be available shortly.

To be notified when the site is complete, or if you would like any other information in the mean time, please 
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  • Chief Executive Officer: Dr Simon Haworth

  • Bioinformatics: Prof Graham Ball
  • Science: Prof Robert Rees
  • Chairman: Dave Tapolczay, CEO of MRC Technology

Recovering value with the benefit of Hindsight.